Just breathe.



I’m so nervous. I’m not where I want to be at this point.  Looking back at my summary, I only completed about 91% of my training. I missed out on a couple of long runs, 11 & 12 mile runs while I was in Hawaii; so i kind of regret that now. Hopefully I’ll be able to break that barrier on race day. The longest I was able to run during training was 9 miles outside, and 11 miles on a treadmill. I mean, sure i did 11 miles, but that was on the treadmill, punding on the pavement is twice as hard. I found that on a treadmill, I might be averaging 9 minute miles (which to me is an achievement btw, 🙂 ) but running outside on the pavement, i might actually be at 11 min/mile — based on that, I might be able to be around 13 min/mile during the half-marathon. AND based on that, i might be able to finish it just under 3 hours.

At this point, under 3 hours or not. I just hope that I am able to finish it. I think that is an achievement by itself. I fear that my asthma will totally kick my butt during the hills. But “slow and steady” and “just keep going” are my mantras. Ahh! Excited and Nervous! 

I’m still training!





I’ve been really bad at keeping track on the blog. But just letting you all know, I’m still training. It’s crazy, I never even thought in a million I can even run 9miles! That’s the farthest i’ve ran so far. Hoping to tackle an eleven miler soon (but I’ll be in Hawaii, so we’ll see how that goes). I’m still pretty slow, averaging at 11’30/ mile roughly, but my main goal is to COMPLETE the half-marathon. So endurance > pace. 


Here’s a look at my progress:




Here’s one that shows it throughout the months:



Week ?: Don’t worry, I’m still here

I’d be glad to announced that I am still continuing this — except for the past 3 days (I had gotten sick, but is sure to make a comeback tomorrow). I realized that I really need to take my running outside. It is not the same at all running on a treadmill (big duh, right?). 

Also, i’ve gotten some better gear since i last posted, courtesy of my 25th birthday. This year, I am vowing to a healthier lifestyle. I’m saying YES to being active, doing outdoor shit, eating veggies, and eating in moderation (except for parties..lol) And why is time moving so fast? The marathon is approaching and i still have not had any hill training whatsoever!

Week 2: I’m only skipping once a week…


I skipped last Thursday, and I might end up skipping today.

Im getting a tooth pulled out, so it might be a vicodin type of day today. But i might still be able to  go on the bike. I’m not sure, the dentist made it seem like i would be fine. But talking to my co-workers, it doesnt seem like i would be able to come back to work tomorrow–hopefully thats not the case, since i didnt request any time off for it! 

My 4 mi run on Sunday was the fastest i’ve ever ran, according to Nike+. WHOO!